Getting Ahead Workshop

“Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World” is an incredible 16-session program, for those individuals willing to participate, that encourages participants to build resources and create a plan for getting out of poverty and “Getting Ahead.”

Through activities and group discussions, participants investigate:

  • Causes of poverty
  • Hidden rules we all need to know
  • Resources to improve life situations
  • Strategies for writing our own future story

With “Getting Ahead,” no one teaches. Instead, we learn from one another by sharing our experiences, participating in problem-solving discussions and exploring ways to strengthen our community by helping people to move out of poverty.

 “Getting Ahead” participants receive:

  • Workbook and meeting materials
  • Stipend to cover child care costs
  • Transportation to and from meetings if needed
  • Gift card incentives ($25 each session)

Participants are expected to commit to the full 16 weeks.
Space is limited. Call today for more information.

315.782.4900, ext. 257




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