Go ‘Over The Edge’ For United Way

It’s not too early to think about going Over the Edge.

Jeremiah Papineau is the United Way’s campaign chairperson n Lewis County and Bob Gorman is executive director of the United Way of Northern New York.

They talked about the annual United Way fundraiser on 7 News This Morning. You can see their interview in  the video.

The deadline to sign up is June 1.

The event is Saturday, June 9 at Midtown Towers in Watertown.

Rappelling down the 155-foot high-rise begins at 9 a.m.

Individuals need to raise at least $700, except for high school students who need to raise $500 or more. Teams of four need to raise at least $2,000.155 feetCall 315-788-5631 for more information.


Registration can be found here:

Source: Go ‘Over The Edge’ For United Way

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