WHA History

The Watertown Housing Authority has a long history of serving the public.

In December of 1948 the Mayor of Watertown, NY, Henry A. Hudson, designated a five member Housing Authority Commission, which was vested with full powers, to consider housing needs, under New York State Public Housing Law, for the Watertown area. This was the start of the Watertown Housing Authority.

In January of 1949, the newly appointed authority began its business by devoting its attention to developing state-sponsored programs for subsidized low cost housing apartments. Their survey of the needs in the area demonstrated that the Watertown area needed at least 325 new, low-income dwelling units by 1950, due to the growth of the area.

On April 28, 1949 the Authority announced that the first low cost apartment project would be built on the city’s north side, near the New York Air Brake factory. They named the project Cloverdale Apartments. Cloverdale was built and operated as a state-funded development. According to the news paper articles of the day, the north side site was selected due to the location of nearby schools. Rent for the apartments were originally set at a maximum of $30.00 per month for families whose gross incomes were less than $50.00 per week.

For the next four decades, the Watertown Housing Authority continued to grow. There were seven more subsidized communities successfully built to support the ever growing population from 1952 to 1991, all federally funded.

Cloverdale Apartments Closed in 1997 due to cutbacks in state funding but the Watertown Housing Authority still continues to thrive. Currently the WHA consists of 7 communities. Three of them are family complexes and four of them are senior / disabled complexes. All of them are located with in the City of Watertown:

Projects Name
Date of Construction
Cloverdale Apartments*
433 Clover St.
Built in 1952
East Hills Apartments
1708 Ohio St.
Built in 1952
Maywood Terrace
239 Hillside Ave.
Built in 1954
Skyline Apartments
454 Mill Street
Built in 1961
Hilltop Towers
113 West Main St.
Built in 1966
Midtown Towers
142 Mechanic St.
Built in 1972
LeRay Street Apartments
847 LeRay St.
Built in 1982
Meadowbrook Apartments
Walker/Burns Ave.
Built in 1991
* Closed due to funding. Demolished October 2005.
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