The management of the Watertown Housing Authority is as follows:

The Watertown Housing Authority is governed by a board of commissioners that meets monthly.  The board is composed of individuals selected by the City Manager of the City of Watertown and two members elected from the tenants who live at our sites.

The current board members are:

Management - Watertown Housing Authority

Jason Burto – Chairperson (Appointed)
Joshua Coburn – Vice-Chair (Appointed)
Rev. Jeffrey E. Smith-Secretary (Appointed)
Gerard Pacifici – Treasurer (Appointed)
Michael Pierce – (Appointed)
Michelle Holder – (Tenant Elected)
Kelly Hamlin – (Tenant Elected)

The Watertown Housing Authority Management:

Executive Director – Michael Robare
Modernization Manager – 
Maintenance  Supervisor –  Charles Lyttle
Accounting Supervisor – Susan Meyer
Occupancy / Admissions – Shawn VanBrocklin
Tenant Relations – Shana Shanahan
Information Technology – Chris Nichols

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