WHA-TV is a new website that is designed to present important tenant information in a more familiar format.  The WHA-TV site mirrors what is currently playing on the community room TV and/or information screens located in common areas on the site.  (Midtown only as of 11/5/2014 but coming soon to all Watertown Housing Authority high-rises.)  WHA-TV has a channel for each Watertown Housing Authority site so that it can be customized to have information relevant to that site.

WHATVsiteWe wanted to give tenants an alternative way to get the same information in the comfort of their own homes at a time when it was convenient for them.

WHA-TV is easy to find – http://www.whany.org/tv – and can be accessed from any computer, tablet / iPad, or smartphone* with internet access.

On WHA-TV, you will find Watertown Housing Authority notices, notices from the Tenant Association (if there is one at your site), useful information (ex: CitiBus Schedule) and interesting “How-To” videos.

WHA-TV is designed to be interactive.  Look at the bottom of the slide to see if it is linked to more information or a video.  If it is, just click the slide and the information opens in a new browser tab.

Comments, questions and/or suggestions should be directed to Tenant Relations at 315-782-1251 ext. 230

(*Be aware that data usage and/or charges may apply.  See your cell phone carrier for details.)


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