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tidbits newsletterCheck out our monthly Tidbits newsletter, produced in-house by our Tenant Relations Coordinator.  In the Tidbits newsletter, you will find important announcements, handy tips and upcoming events.  In 2014, we split the Tidbits newsletter into two editions – one for Family Sites and one for our High-Rises.  If you have any suggestions or comments about the Tidbits newsletter, please contact Tenant Relations.


2017 Tidbits Newsletter

 2017 Jan. Family Site Tidbits    2017 Jan. High-rise Tidbits
2017 Feb. Family Tidbits              2017 Feb. High-rise Tidbits
2017 March Family Tidbits     2017 March High-rise Tidbits
2017 April Family Tidbits            2017 April High-rise Tidbits
2017 May Family Tidbits                 2017 May Highrise Tidbits
2017 June Family Site Tidbits     2017 June Highrise Tidbits
2017 July Family Site Tidbits        2017 July High-rise Tidbits

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